07/7/06 - Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Geese part of a park experience

To the Editor:

I was disgusted by the town of Harding for its decision to kill the 14 geese at Bayne Park.

What is the point of a pond or lake without waterfowl?

When I go to a park with water, I enjoy seeing the geese and other wildlife. For me, it is relaxing and educational.

Wear proper footwear if you do not want to step on droppings, or be a conscientious citizen and bring along a bag to scoop it up as you walk.

This society has become immune to killing things deemed a nuisance. Move to a concrete city if you do not like living among the geese. Canada geese are partners for life. That is more then I can say about most human beings.




06/26/06 - Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Geese killing really unwarranted

To the Editor:

The Harding Township Committee recently approved the round-up and killing of the estimated 13 to 18 resident Canada geese that sometimes, spend part of their day in Bayne Park.

The round up, recommended by the township's Wildlife Management Committee (WMC) will be done in July. Its stated purpose is to reduce the goose droppings in the park for the enjoyment of residents. Once this first dozen or so are slaughtered, there is no guarantee that nearby geese won't just move in to this attractive habitat. Nor will the area be "dropping free" when migratory geese visit from October through March.

I believe that this surgical culling is unwarranted, in and of itself. I also see it as the first small quiet step toward the wider application of the same technique, which soon will be as routine as mowing the lawn.

Before making their decision, the committee joked about whether it should ask more about how the culling would actually be done. I must wonder if the members attribute to their action the gravity that I believe it merits.

Outside the meeting, after the vote, a WMC member told me that had I attended their meetings, I would have understood their recommendation. However, since WMC meetings are closed to the public, I had no such opportunity.

I ask Harding Township residents to let your committee know whether you want this killing being done in your name, to proceed.




Here's our letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor:

I was shocked and dismayed to learn about the proposed killing of the fourteen Canada geese who spend part of their days at Bayne Park.

Such brutality toward nature's gentlest creatures is completely unwarranted and unjustified. What harm does a little bit of poop do to cause society to take such cruel actions toward creatures who are only doing nature's business? Canada geese bring their grace and beauty to the park and pond. They mate for life and are wonderful, caring parents to their young. What would the park be without their gentle calls to each other? How empty would the lake be without their majestic lines that grace the waters?

If you don't want geese in your park or on your lake, fill your lake with sand and stone. Cover your grass with concrete. By doing so, you can be assured that geese will not spend any part of their days in your miserable park.

Your heinous actions have earned your town its rightful place in the Canada Goose Hall of Shame.


Choo Choo Love



Please write a letter to the Editor of the Daily Record stating your opposition to the decision to kill the geese in Bayne Park. Please CLICK HERE to send a letter to the Editor.



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