Problem Geese Removed
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Officials say most of the noisy, dirty Canada geese at Nitro's Ridenour Lake have been captured and killed.

Mayor Rusty Casto says it cost the city $3,600 to get rid of the birds.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture removed about 100 or so geese from the lake late last month after area residents starting complaining that the birds posed a health hazard. Casto says that in addition to the risk of diseases being spread by the birds, the geese were frightening to children.

Casto says the geese were placed in boxes and deprived of oxygen, which is a common method for exterminating them.

The mayor says that while not everyone may be happy with the city's decision to have the birds killed, more residents are glad the nuisance situation was taken care of.


Posted by: Matthew Location: Parkersburg WV

I would like to say that the mayor of nitro is heartless and has no thought or care of wildlife. It really ticked me off when I read the artical about the geese. and I also like to say that Im ashamed to say Im from west virginia because of this not only do i hold the mayor responsible but every person in nitro that was the cause of the geeses death. you can post this or not I dont care who gets mad about this.

Posted by: Choo Location: Canada

I was filled with sadness to read this article. It speaks very badly for the mayor and residents of the city of Nitro, West Virginia. The geese were not a problem. The problem is the mayor and the residents who complained about the geese. There is absolutely no documented case of geese causing disease to humans. Dr. Milton Friend, former director, Wildlife Research Center Water Fowl Disease U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is adamant: "On occasion we have been wading in that stuff [feces], dead birds up to our elbows... there is not a single, documented case of any of us coming down with any kind of a disease problem as a result of Canada geese... we do not have a human health situation, not in the urban goose, not in the wild goose, not in the captive geese that we have also worked with. We do have a lot of diseases out there that can affect people. Most of them come from different places and do not come from the Canada goose and I'll leave you with that." To deprive the geese of oxygen, therefore suffocating them, is the epitome of animal cruelty. Mahatma Gandhi said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Your barbaric actions show the world that your city is made up of depraved individuals who will cause animals great suffering just because they perform a necessary bodily function. The city of Nitro will be placed on the Canada Goose Hall of Shame.