Plan To Control Geese Population Ruffles Feathers

Parks Open To Hunters On Limited Schedule
POSTED: 5:23 pm EDT August 27, 2007
UPDATED: 6:42 pm EDT August 27, 2007

Hunters are descending on local parks to thin the goose population.

Westmoreland County park officials said it's the best way to control the population but not everybody agrees.

Beginning on Sept. 1 and going until Sept. 25, Westmoreland County parks will be open to hunters on a limited schedule.

The county has participated in scheduled control programs for the past few years and recognizes that hunting still remains the most effective and efficient way to manage the resident goose population at their lakes.

Hunting hours and locations:

Twin Lakes Park, Greensburg - Dawn until 9 a.m. (Tuesdays and Thursdays only)
Mammoth Park, Mt. Pleasant- Dawn until 9 a.m. (Mondays and Wednesdays only)
Northmoreland Park, Apollo- Dawn until 9 a.m. (Mondays and Wednesdays only)
Chestnut Ridge Park and Bridgeport Dam have no time restrictions for hunting

Birds must be retrieved. Watercraft may be used to retrieve your game and only for this purpose.

No gasoline motors are allowed on the lakes. All required Fish and Boat Commission rules must be adhered to. Camouflaged boats may be used as a blind on Chestnut Ridge and Bridgeport Dams but not on any of the other lakes.